Terms and conditions of Right Shoes service
Right Shoes service only publishes the prices and availability acquired from online stores and therefore does not guarantee that they are always up to date, that they do not contain inaccuracies or omissions, even though giving maximum care to the management of the data entered in the site. Right Shoes service acts as a guide to purchasing, by directing its users to the online store site chosen by the users themselves.

As a result, Right Shoes SA does not take any obligation to justify, buy products or take other actions against its users as a result of any misunderstanding that may have occurred while visiting the site. The purchase of all products by users occurs, always and exclusively, on online shopping sites that are present in the Right Shoes showcase. The user acknowledges and undertakes, in the event of defects in the goods or services purchased or damages caused by the latter, to make complaints, ask compensations and/or take legal actions only and exclusively against the online store owner.

Right Shoes SA is in no way responsible for any damages or prejudice related to the use of information, link products and services published on the site.

Right Shoes SA (hereafter mentioned as “Right Shoes”) reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

Terms and conditions for registered users
  • 1. Item

    The terms and conditions below refer to the supply by Right Shoes of an internet space where subscribers will be free to express their personal comments about products offered for consumption by third parties and found on sites through Right Shoes web pages.

  • 2. Registration

    In order to use this service, it is necessary that the user provides a valid e-mail. Once the e-mail address is entered in the specific form, the user will receive an e-mail from the network: by clicking on the link, the user will complete the registration. This guarantees that the e-mail address provided really belongs to the person who entered the data. The registration requires the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the service and of the privacy policies indicated on this page and on the Privacy page of the Right Shoes website. Alternatively, it is possible to access the service through a social media account. Also in this case, the only personal data required for registration is a valid e-mail address (the one related to the social profile). The registration is complete only after agreement to the present Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • 3. Content

    Subscribers have the opportunity to express their personal opinions about purchased products. In expressing their opinions, members are obliged:
    • To not to infringe any copyright, trade mark, patent or other third parties industrial property or intellectual property right.
    • To not spread obscene, pornographic, blasphemous or outrageous material.
    • To not commit crimes against morality or public order, to not insult and slander, to not commit incitement to crime and to racial hatred
    • To not violate European privacy law.

    Anyhow, the subscribers undertake to indemnify Right Shoes from any claim from third party in connection with the violation of these rights. The subscribers also undertake to not use the service to make direct or indirect advertising to trademarks, products or services offered for consumption. The failure of a user to comply with these conditions will result in automatic termination of the contract, with immediate suspension of the service offered; Right Shoes reserves the right to compensation for any further damage.

    In the event of an indication by a member of data and/or negligent facts about a reseller who may be subject to control, Right Shoes reserves the right to check with the reseller whether or not data and/or facts are verified; if it appears that a member has indicated untrue data and/or facts, Right Shoes will publish a note that will correct these false and/or incomplete information.

    The content created on the Right Shoes website by registered users is free and granted in a non-exclusive license from users to Right Shoes. Right Shoes has the right to use it freely, without time or territorial limits.

  • 4. Privacy

    The user is considered to be solely liable for any use, made in his name, of his/her account, and he/she will have to account for any damage caused to Right Shoes as a result of unauthorized use. In the case of appropriation by others of his/her account, which occurred in any way, the user agrees to immediately notify Right Shoes.

  • 5. Limitation of Liability

    Right Shoes does not exercise any control over what is expressed in comments by users; therefore Right Shoes takes no responsibility for the completeness, correctness and reliability of the opinions on the website. The user agrees to use such comments solely at his own risk renouncing to claim to Right Shoes for any damage. Right Shoes does not respond to users in the event of technical failures that may occur and cause service suspension.

  • 6. Duration of the contract

    The contract is permanent. Right Shoes has the right to suspend the service at any time. Parties may recede the contract by mail communication.

  • 7. Changing of the general conditions

    Right Shoes may at any time, at its discretion, modify, in whole or in part, the general conditions described herein; upon information on the website. The use by the subscribers of the service provided by Right Shoes following such note will be automatically considered implicit act of acceptance and full subscription of any changes.