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Privacy notice.
This notice describes how we handle the personal data of users and consumers (jointly Users) of website (the Site). This treatment is performed by Right Shoes SA, with registered office in via Lugano 11, 6982 Agno (Switzerland) in accordance with Swiss law and applicable Federal law on data protection (LPD) of 19 June 1992 and subsequent modifications.

The data processing will be done by Right Shoes SA according to the principle of strict necessity. Therefore, the same treatment will be minimized and excluded when the purpose in individual cases could be achieved by using anonymous data.

Right Shoes SA disclaims any responsibility in the case of access to websites via links from the Right Shoes website.

Personal data will be processed within the services offered by Right Shoes SA through the Site, limited to the following purposes:
  1. to send information to users regarding the services offered through the Site and/or to follow up to requests, with regard to the fulfillment of such requests and to the obligations, including legal, administrative, accounting and tax related to any purchases done by users using the Site (Purchasing);
  2. to handle correspondence and communications with Users;
  3. to verify the completeness, validity and correctness of the data provided, in order to avoid computer-related fraud;
  4. for marketing and promotional activities within the services offered by Right Shoes SA and / or business partners with whom Right Shoes SA from time to time works.
Personal data transfer is not required, except as permitted by applicable law, but refusal to do so may make it impossible to offer services to users listed on the Site and/or to initiate, manage and continue the Purchase and/or propose to Users future commercial initiatives in the context of the above services. Any optional information for the use of services, Purchasing and marketing activities and promotions will be clearly specified. Failure to provide optional data however will not prevent the use of services and Purchases.

Where required by law, Right Shoes SA may process personal data of Users even in the absence of their consent.

Personal data submitted for the purposes specified in point 1., 2. and 3. will be retained only for the period of time necessary to perform the services offered by Right Shoes SA through the Site. In case of failure of the above mentioned requirements, personal data will be immediately deleted. The data of users that have not validated their profile or those who stopped using our Services are kept on Right Shoes servers for a period of 5 years, after wich they will be made anonymous and it will no longer be possible to log in or retrieve them. Any time a user can request his data cancellation.

Right Shoes collects base information of your account (name, surname, email address, date of birth, gender, username and password) to secure your account and protect the access to your data.
Passwords are saved in our DB in encrypted form
Other than this data, user has the ability to perform a 3D scan of his feet or add a “self measure”, to be able to use our comparison service.

Right Shoes allow users to register and access with third party services, like Facebook or Google. If you access the Services with third party accounts we will collect information that you agreed to make available.

At Right Shoes we could use your information to analize, develop and improve our Services. To do this, we may use third party analytics providers.

Right Shoes may de-identify or aggregate the information the user made available, in ways that could not be trace back to the user. Examples of such aggregated information include for instance data reports to show to our customers.

Right Shoes use your information to communicate with you about our Services, new functionality or updates to our Term of Services.

Right Shoes SA ensures that security and confidentiality of personal information will be protected by adequate security measures, in accordance with the LPD in order to reduce: the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data; unauthorized access or data treatment inconsistent with the purposes of their collection. Right Shoes SA does not assume any responsibility in data transmission over the Internet.

Users are entitled to obtain from Right Shoes SA:
  1. confirmation of the existence of their personal information
  2. personal information in an intelligible form
  3. personal information updates
  4. personal information rectification
  5. personal information data integration
  6. personal information deletion
  7. personal information transformation in anonymous data

In addition to the above, personal information can be blocked because of law violation and Users can refuse consent to process their personal information in any time.

Any such requests should be sent to the following addresses: Right Shoes SA, via Lugano 11, 6982 Agno (Switzerland), Fax: +41 91 6115075 -

Right Shoes SA reserves the right to revise this statement. Any changes will be notified to Users on the home page of the site as soon as adopted and will be binding on the publication.